About BU

Bluegrass United Athletics is the athletic arm of Bluegrass United – a homeschool cooperative based in Lexington, Kentucky and serving Central Kentucky homeschool students and families.

Bluegrass United’s athletic program was established over 15 years ago as a small group of families in Lexington began to see the need and for athletic outlets among the homeschool students and families seeking educational assistance through the BU Academic Center (BUAC). Today BU offers competitive athletic opportunities for High school Boys and Girls in Soccer, Basketball, Cross country, and Volleyball. Recently, BU has established Middle school programs for Boys and Girls Basketball as well and more teams can be made available as volunteer coaches and homeschoolers become available.

Bluegrass United is a volunteer association and coaches are generally volunteers.

To participate in BU Athletics, a student must be homeschooled, and uphold Christian values and outlined by Bluegrass United and the team’s coaches.  BU is not a member of the KHSAA.  However, players must comply with eligibility age, grade, safety guidelines outlined by the KHSAA as BU teams are able to now compete in regular season competition against KHSAA member schools.

Each BU team participates in a homeschool conference with other homeschool and/or private Christian school teams in the region. These conferences vary with each sport.  Each conference generally holds annual post-season conference tournaments. Most teams are able to compete in regional and national homeschool postseason tournaments as well.

Today, Bluegrass United is comprised of four main branches BUAC Core, BUAC Electives, BUAC Social, and BU Athletics. You can learn more about each of these communities below:


We Believe in Homeschooling.

We believe high school homeschool students come to Bluegrass United with an established set of values that have been carefully instituted by their families, their churches and their personal faith. Therefore, Bluegrass United does not seek to mold students, “grow” them or disciple them. Instead, Bluegrass United strives to provide a safe and supportive community where students can become the people God has called them to be.

We Trust Parents.

We believe parents know their children best and are uniquely equipped to lead their children. We believe parents are solely responsible for their children’s education and serve as their primary educators. Therefore, BU leaves as many decisions as possible in the hands of parents. Bluegrass United listens to parents and takes all suggestions and criticisms seriously

We Embrace Community. 

We believe the student’s desire for friendship and community is a God-given desire worthy to be embraced. We strongly endorse programs and activities that build friendships and community and believe they are one of the most important factors linked to student satisfaction with high school homeschooling.

We Value Creativity and Strive for Excellence in Education.

Bluegrass United is a community for high school home schooled students. It is comprised of 10 individual educational, social, and athletic programs. Each program is run by its own program leadership, but with oversight by the Bluegrass United Adult Leadership Board. Students may apply to attend BU academic programs, audition for theater programs, and try out for athletic teams